about2I have an extended history of tireless hours and countless miles, hiking through mountains and deserts in pursuit of knowledge of the “ancient ones” and their material culture. This interest began in the mid 1970’s. My appreciation for the natives of our Earth, took me on an obsessed evolution to master the art of traditional Native American beadwork, with needle and thread (or sinew) in hand, for more than a decade. At some point I found a need to support myself as a jeweler and have used some of this background for a few of my lithic creations.

I began reducing rock to lithic art/stone tools in 2011, focusing on knives in antler which I haft, sinew wrap and seal. I began carving handles from local and exotic woods in 2013. Along with my carved handles, I also use handles of carved antlers from some of the most proficient carvers available.

My desire is to create a unique art form which offers a feeling of satisfaction when admired on display or while held in hand.

Thank you for your interest in Prolithic Creation.

I love this stuff…..